Thoughtful,  Beautifully Designed,  Hand-crafted,  Quality Gifts from Lizzie Mac

We often need to find a gift for some special and we want it to be thoughtful, beautiful, and even practical.   Now, shopping is a breeze!

Lizzie Mac has created a range of quality accessories all made from natural fibres – cotton, linen or silk which are as practical as they are beautifully handcrafted.   These items may be something your ‘special person’ wouldn’t buy for themselves.  They are a wonderfully thoughtful gift coming at a particular time in that person’s life and will be treasured and used for a long time to come.

Because of their unique design and hand-crafted quality, these accessories will be an unexpected surprise for the recipient.  Each time they are used – and they will be – a lovely thought will come your way.   I’ve had customers tell me years later they are still using the Burp Cloths and the Turbans.


Create a zen vibe and rejuvenate while relaxing in the tub wearing the soft, comfortable Turban.   This keeps the steam away from your hair and ensures the perfect palette for your make-up!

Alternately, immediately after washing hair in the shower the turban quickly and easily contains your wet hair and absorbs excess water so you’re protected from cold drips and can dress with ease and comfort.



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